Welcome to the Support the Kid flock!

Help us spread awareness and raise funds for children battling cancer by flocking your family and friends with STK flamingos!

This year there are 2 ways to join our flock: In-person and online!

In-person: If you live in one of our STK volunteer locations listed below click HERE to have your front lawn (or a friend’s front lawn) flocked:
Brookhaven & Huntington, NY
Norman, OK
San Diego, CA

Online: If you do not live in one of our STK volunteer locations (or even if you do!) and would prefer to join our very first virtual flock here’s how:
1) Sponsor a new STK flock by making a donation to https://www.paypal.me/SupportTheKid
2) Move the flock along by sharing the “You’ve been Flocked!” image to your friends’ and families’ pages or tagging them to keep the flock in flight all through September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Let’s see how far our flock can fly for kids battling cancer! Use #FlockCancer2021 so we can track our flock throughout the country!

Thank you for supporting our efforts to donate $100,000 to children battling cancer this year! No one fights alone. Until there is a cure, Support the Kid! #FlockCancer2021

Flocking FAQs:

What is Flocking?
Flocking is a fun event where a flock of plastic flamingos is placed on your front lawn (or social media page) for a few days to raise awareness and funds for a particular charity.

Why now?
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Although Support the Kid is helping kids with cancer year-round, we want to make a push to increase awareness during this special time of year.

Who is Support the Kid?
Support the Kid is an all-volunteer 501©3 nonprofit organization that aids children and their families throughout their battle with cancer.  Support the Kid was founded in 2010 and the organization is run by a purely volunteer workforce.  We endeavor to keep the spirit and beauty of our founder Nick Wolber’s legacy alive while helping families and children battling cancer. Our goal which we have achieved each year is to return over 85% of dollars donated directly back to families in need. Since inception, we have donated more than $500,000 to over 150 children across the United States. Learn more about us at www.supportthekid.org.

How long will the flock be in my front yard?
Unless otherwise requested by emailing deflockme@supportthekid.org , your flamingos will depart by 8pm ~48 hours after they are placed.

Can I send the flock to a friend’s home?
Yes! We would love for you to share the fun and spread awareness with your friends. Please fill out the flocking form here, or use the hard copy form delivered with your in-person flock.

How far can the flock migrate?
We ask that you keep the flock within a 5-mile radius of its current location. We currently have active flocks in Brookhaven & Huntington NY, Norman OK, San Mateo CA, and San Diego CA.

How can I refer a child or family that needs help?
Please send an email with their contact information to info@supportthekid.org and we will reach out to you or the family to determine how we can assist.

What if I want to donate, but prefer not to participate in the flocking?
Please visit our donation page and choose a recurring donation or hit this link for a one-time donation.

What if I’ve got questions about this flocking thing or would like to ask another question about your organization?
Check out the link below and we will be happy to help you.

Support The Kid for Cancer inc.

  • 11 Paul Street
    Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

Help Us to Complete Our Mission

All of our work has only been made possible through the support and generosity of wonderful people like YOU!